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Vivian DAVIDSON, Director/Producer


I ‌come‌ ‌from‌ ‌a‌ ‌very‌ ‌eclectic‌ ‌cultural‌ ‌background, ‌including,‌ ‌Scottish,‌ German, ‌French and Spanish‌. ‌I was born in Mexico City, have lived in many countries and have proudly‌ ‌called‌ ‌Vancouver‌ ‌my‌ ‌home‌ ‌for‌ ‌over‌ ‌15‌ ‌wonderful‌ ‌years.‌


As an actress, activist and athlete I constantly seek ways to combine my passions of activist and filmmaking to inspire people to improve their lives and that of the communities we call home.


As a producer and storyteller I am interested in a broad range of topics from history, arts/culture, social impact and the environment.  My mission is to leave this planet better than I found it and inspire people to do the same.

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Ben LIEGEY, Producer


Ben hails from Strasbourg, France and lived in Belgium for 6 years.  He has extensive experience dealing with food consulting and is an Engineer & Executive MBA Candidate.


His expertise lies in Food waste prevention, sustainable food systems and Climate Change.


He has over 10 years of experience consulting with food industries from hospitality to tourism and retail and is the Founder and CEO of, a Vancouver-based company helping the hospitality industry make more money and go green with food waste prevention. He is the first accredited consultant of the third-party audited certification The PLEDGE on Food Waste in Canada and has developed a free hospitality food waste prevention online course.

Grace LOEPPKY, Cinematographer

Endlessly perfecting the lighting in her own home for optimal ambiance, Grace’s gusto is well put to use when creating images that best serve stories that we, filmmakers, need to tell.


Born and raised in Ontario, Grace moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to attend NSCAD. At university, she quickly realized her affinity for filmmaking, with a harmonious love of developing stories and a technical drive to produce a powerful look and feel on screen.


Grace’s move to Vancouver in 2016 sparked many new connections with other down-to-earth and passionate creatives in the independent filmmaking community. Since then she has cultivated invaluable knowledge of scene breakdown and camera movement from her work as a dolly op on local Vancouver union IATSE 891 and MOW shows. Likewise, her key grip experience has informed her expertise in lighting. 


Learn more about Grace: 

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Luke STRAHM, Cinematographer

Luke is a passionate creator of the visual arts. He grew up in Washington, USA and began working for a production company from the start of high school, helping out with everything from on set production to delivery of the final product. Strahm is either working as DoP on commercials, music videos, short film and documentaries or at the desk editing, colour grading or creating motion graphics.


Since moving to BC he has worked on dozens of project of many genres and has become a widely-known and often-hired DoP. His experience in other film departments has helped develop his versatility and keen eye for detail. 

Learn more about Luke:

Hayley SAWATZKY, Editor

Hayley Sawatzky is an editor/post production enthusiast living and working in Vancouver, BC. She has worked on dozens of short films and TV shows, many of which have won acclaimed awards. Inspired by her community of fellow filmmakers, she aims to highlight the ineffable qualities of humanity through her work. She has worked on several independent films both on set and in post and endeavours to bring a script to life as vividly and accurately as possible.

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Doryan HEIJNEN, Sound

Having a passion for discovering music and digging into it's stories, Doryan has applied his enthusiasm for audio and turned it into a way to tell his own by means of recording and editing audio in the world of film and television. Growing up having both parents producing music and being in the womb when his mother performed live DJ sets, is perhaps one of the reasons he is where he is today.


Originally from The Netherlands, he now resides in Vancouver, Canada which has been home to him for over 20 years. His goal is to positively impact people with audio work, whether that be from a film project he has worked on, or a music track he has produced.

Andrew WALES, Sound

Andrew Wales is a freelance boom operator and sound mixer based out of Vancouver, BC. He graduated from Vancouver Film School in December 2017 with a diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media. Since then, he’s worked on set for a numerous amount of short films and three feature films as a location sound recordist. He also works remotely from home as a sound designer, lending his name to MOWs and short films as a dialogue editor, ADR recordist and background/ambience editor.


Raised in White Rock, BC, Andrew enjoys discovering new places on each set he works on as well as developing personal connections with the cast and crew. Vancouver holds a big place in his heart and he is proud to call himself a “BC Boy”.

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Nine BEE, Sound

Nina graduated with a bachelor of Recording Arts in 2015. After working for both production and post production sound for 3 years in China, she decided to proceed her career in Vancouver, BC.


Whenever she works on a project, she always focuses on the message of the story and strives to capture an emotional response from the viewers. This simple yet crucial detail has led her to find work in truly amazing features, short films, MOWs, and commercials as a production sound mixer. She has a deep love for movies and enjoys working closely with other creative professionals to craft compelling stories. 

Learn more about Nina at: and IG:@_soundbeeleee

Alex SCHENKE & Nikola TANASKOVIC, Post production Editors

Alex and Nikola are the duo that make up brand new Vancouver based post production startup 'Kill Screen'. Discovering their mutual interest for editing in a high school film class, the two would quickly become friends and go on to attend Capilano University together, where they graduated with a bachelor of motion picture arts in 2015.  In early 2021, after several years of working together in the corporate world, they decided it was time to put all their skills together and go into business for themselves. Kill Screen specializes in all forms of post production, from editorial to VFX and everything in between.

Learn more about them at: and IG: @killscr3n

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Alpinen meadow

Director's Vision

Alarmed by the statistics and polemics around food loss, I am driven to do something about it.

I want to inspire our audience and inspire them to live sustainably. I want us to collectively support those in the community championing sustainability issues. 


With the project's creative approach, I seek to weave the different stages of the food supply chain together to help identify ways that sustainable food systems can be a reality today in Canada and the world. 

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